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Castlegate James has championed sustainability from before there were terms to describe its vision and capabilities. It can proudly boast that it is Australasia’s first and only dedicated, commercial scale converter of consumer food by-products.

We’re dedicated to getting more out of the food value chain, repurposing over 700,000 tonnes per year of food material that would have been wasted, being sent at a cost to land fill. At Castlegate James, we are always seeking innovative solutions to repurpose valuable food products to reduce the impact on the environment.

*According to the Australian National Waste Report, 2018, Department of the Environment and Energy

Supply Chain Integration

Our model delivers a fully integrated, end to end solution to the management of co-products.

We purchase co-products, including perishables, from food manufacturers in high volumes, working closely with our partners to ensure production facilities continue to operate up to 24 hours a day.

Logistics are coordinated to meet supplier and customer needs. We have fine-tuned our network to cover supplier’s metropolitan production facilities, our regional production facilities and our rural customers farms in areas.

Co-product Processing

In addition to collecting, managing and processing raw material co-products, we specialise in de-packaging retail ready foodstuffs through our unique automated production facilities.

Across Australia and NZ, through these unique capabilities we produce co-product feed solutions for animal producers. But these are not fixed solutions. To meet the dynamic and evolving needs of our customers, we are constantly innovating the way we process and utilise co-products.

Strategic Relationships

CastlegateJames delivers its partners within the food industry greater value from its raw materials, improves and delivers on their sustainability goals and enables them to focus on their core business.

We’ve been partnering with global FMCG brands for over 90 years. Our established offer in the sustainable and environmentally responsible management of food co-products is what companies now, and in the future, need to rely on. We deliver the critical link in the FMCG value chain to achieving sustainable, environmental and commercial outcomes for the food production industry.

We’re easy to work with, flexible and responsive to our partners unique needs.

Our long term strategic partnerships extend across:

Fruit, Vegetable
and Nut Processors
Maize Producers
Eleven established production sites covering Australia and NZ.

Sites Map


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